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[6 May 2010 | No Comment | ]
Is Ed Dale Coasting

Lately the only thing Ed has been doing is promoting affiliate sign-ups and products. In the past he…

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[27 Apr 2010 | No Comment | ]
Michelle MacPhearson – Crowd Mountain

Michelle MacPhearson’s Crowd Mountain. She has a lot of Affiliates pumping her new launch. Why is that? Could it be that she charges $127 per month and the affiliates stand to make great commissions.
Her product is way too much money for what you get. It’s the same old, same old methods that so many other systems teach for considerably less. For example Niche Profit Classroom offers so much more for a lot less. And you don’t have to wait a week for each module. Niche Profit Classroom lets you work …

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[23 Apr 2010 | Comments Off | ]

Today I had the dubious pleasure of vindicating my often-ranted belief that bad videos are a gajillion times worse than bad text.
Katie Freiling is apparently a Social Media Expert who has managed to fly under my radar for quite some time. Would it had stayed that way!
This review is purely on the basis of her pre-launch; her product may be miraculous with the ability to make media millionaires ad nauseam while simultaneously bringing world peace and curing dandruff. It’s unlikely however that I will find out because my ears are …